CYI Wind of Inspiration is a Trust based in Patna, India.


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CYI Wind of Inspiration is a Trust based in Patna, India, which came into being with an original and genuine idea of providing FREE EDUCATIONAL SMART CLASSES to academically strong but financially weak rural students in particular and in general to all. It involves various activities through which a student gets an excellent opportunity to meet, learn and interact with our national level administrative officers and students like him/her. This idea was conceptualized by our visionary leader Mr. Ravi S. Dubey in the month of January, 2013. The stupendous response given by public and administrative officers who were immensely satisfied with quality and level of education, provoked us to expand our fields for improvement of society. Currently we have a number of coaching institutions running in different villages for public benefits.

In the far villages, we started off with the aim of trying to address a basic need of education and tried to complete it on our own basis with a small but dedicated team. In these places, the most wonderful aspect is that it's turning everyone into a volunteer i.e. anyone wanting to do something outside their own life, can, without making any major efforts, contribute and feel satisfied. Today we are just not addressing education but other aspects of life also such as security, health, etc.

Our vision was profoundly supported by Mr. Manu Maharaaj (S.S.P, Patna). Future plans are to expand further across the nation and elsewhere through dedicated franchisees but the determination and dedication remains unaltered which is to provide quality education and fruitful environment that would make students relish and enjoy the experience The idea is growing; it's changing the way people think about the ignored issue of education. CYI is growing thanks primarily to the trust and continuing support of a long list of well-wishers… We all at CYI are committed to keep this trust and we will for sure!!